How to Know When it’s Time for Expert Water Well Help in Oakland County, Michigan  

How to Know When it’s Time for Expert Water Well Help in Oakland County, Michigan  In recent years, the United States – including homeowners in Oakland County, has seen a surge in the number of homeowners who have elected to have a private water well. They have been drawn to the notion of having control over their own water supply.

This is an encouraging and prudent trend. However, many new private water well owners based their decision to own a private water well on just the one reason cited above. They tend to bypass collecting any additional information regarding maintenance. Recognizing potential issues, and correcting problems when they occur.

To those Oakland County homeowners who have private water wells, this article will fill in some of the vital information that you may not know. Essentially, it is imperative for Oakland County homeowners with private water wells to understand how they can elevate the lifespan and healthy operation of their water wells. And, at the same time, recognize that the lack of this kind of information can cause many health and quality of life problems for their families.

This all boils down to knowing the nuances of one thing – when it is time to bring in a professional water well expert.

Here are the indicators that your Oakland County, MI private water well is in need of professional attention and most likely service.

Your power bill has gone sky-high!  If you have a pipe that is damaged or clogged, your pump is not working double time. This means that if you have a pipe that has damage or a clog, your water pump is using more energy to function. This additional energy that your pump is usurping shows up in your utility bill. 

In addition to pipes that are damaged or clogged, a check valve that Is broken can also make your pump work extra hard – which you will pay for through your power bill. So, assess your power bill – notice the average monthly cost – and take action as soon as it has spiked. The action to take is to have a water well professional take a look.

Water and air are sputtering out of your faucets.  If your water well pump is far above the groundwater level, your faucets will spit out water and air. This is because of a falling groundwater level.  When then happens, your water pump can’t draw enough water to provide a supply that is steady. This is why your faucets will sputter water mixed with air instead of flow water.

But there is a larger problem in this case. Gases are also drawn from the pump in addition to the air. Now, if or as your water is mixed with the gas, you and your Oakland county, MI family are facing a health risk. Your water has become of substandard quality. Furthermore, this kind of water and air sputtering can also be related to a damaged pipe.   

So, clearly, if your power bills have dramatically increased and/or your faucets are sputtering out water and air, it is critical that you contact your Oakland County, MI professional water well expert.

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