How to Deal With Iron Water and Bacteria: A Guide from New Haven, MI, Well Drilling Professionals

How to Deal With Iron Water and Bacteria: A Guide from New Haven, MI, Well Drilling ProfessionalsIf you are like most homeowners, you probably hate the sight of stained pots, sinks, and slime on your toilet tank. Unfortunately, high iron water is a problem that water softeners alone cannot solve. In this article, we will tell you why water softeners cannot fight iron bacteria and what you can do to get rid of them. To give you a spoiler right here: You will need professional help. If you have been dealing with this problem for a long time, this article is a must-read for you.

The Hard Truth About Water Softeners

Believe it or not, but even a small amount of bacteria can leave lasting stains on your sinks and pots. Water softeners partially solve the problem created by iron water as they are not meant for treating iron water. Thus, if the iron concentration of iron is below one part per million, a softener will work. But if iron content is high, water softeners will fail at solving the issue.

How to Remove Iron from Water Tank Forever?

If you are currently residing in an area that receives water with a high iron load and you are tired of the issue, we can tell you how to solve the issue permanently. your only option is continually upgrading your water treatment system.

Water with a high iron content usually contains two kinds of iron: water-soluble and ferric iron. Red or ferric iron never dissolves and thus, can easily be seen with the naked eye. Water-soluble iron, on the other hand, dissolves in water and so, it is easy to not spot it. Since the former is noticeable, it is easier to get rid of it than the second type.

Soluble iron needs thorough oxidizing before it can be removed. Thus, if you have to remove soluble iron, you will have to install a filter. Here’s how an iron filter functions: It oxidizes the iron present in water and turns it into particulate matter. The harmful matter gets trapped within the filter and from there, it is extracted out.

Ways to Keep Iron Bacteria Away from Your Plumbing System

When iron and bacteria coexist, it results in a smelly biofilm. The bacteria takes the help of iron to survive, leaving a yellow or reddish-brown slime that clogs plumbing and causes a nasty odor. You can notice the sludge either at the tank’s bottom or at the top when the lid is removed. Not only is it unsightly, but also harmful as it poses several different health risks. Iron bacteria can clog your plumbing system as well. By installing an ozone or chlorine generator in your toilet tank, you can keep the bacteria away.

Concluding thoughts

 Homeowners encounter major frustration when it comes to removing the stains of iron and other minerals. You may consider a water softener but there is uncertainty regarding its usefulness. Only a professional can, for sure, help you get rid of this pesky issue. To know more or to get your doubts clarified, contact the team at Haven, MI.

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