How Ortonville, MI Residents Can Identify Common Causes for Fluctuating Water Pressure

How Ortonville, MI Residents Can Identify Common Causes for Fluctuating Water PressureFluctuating water pressure can be extremely frustrating – be it when you’re showering, washing the dishes, or watering the lawn. It’s incredibly annoying when you’re doing the dishes, and the water force weakens; you’re stuck having to adjust it time and again, and the next thing you know – the pressure returns, and you’re soaked. Before you can resolve the fluctuating water pressure issue, you need to understand the underlying cause. It could be something basic like poor water supply force in the first place or a serious problem, such a pipe leakage or valve failure.

Water Usage in Appliances

The most common reason for fluctuating water pressure is high water consumption from multiple outlets at the same time. When the water consumption is higher than the supply force, water pressure will fluctuate as other faucets are turned on or off. Many appliances around the house use water in large quantities, such as dishwashers and washing machines. As a result, when these appliances use water, such as when your washing machine is filling up, the water pressure in other faucets may weaken. The water supply force needs to be sufficient to provide that much pressure in each faucet, or else the pressure will fluctuate.

Water Sprinklers

Water sprinkler systems use a large amount of water for a long time; essentially, they occupy most of the water supply pressure while in use, which weakens the pressure in other faucets. It’s very common that when the sprinkler system is turned off, the water pressure in other faucets suddenly increases, which could lead to splashes or spills.

Plumbing Woes

While many automatically jump to the conclusion that they have plumbing problems when they observe fluctuations in water pressure, as we discussed above, this is not always the case. But sometimes, plumbing problems could be the underlying issue. These problems could include air gaps, valve failure, clogs, or valves that aren’t fully open. Sometimes, the main municipality water supply line could have issues, such as leakage or blockage, which affect the water supply in your house.

You also want to observe if the fluctuating water pressure is a problem consistent throughout the house or in just one or a few faucets. In case it’s the latter, calcium build-up in pipes or rusting could be possible issues.

In Conclusion

Call in a plumber to get the plumbing checked, and in case the problem is still not resolved, you could install a constant pressure system. The system will ensure all faucets around the house have consistent water pressure irrespective of the water consumption.

It’s recommended you get an expert near you in Ortonville, MI, to check the reason for fluctuating water pressure, as sometimes, it may lead to bigger problems such as flooding and pipe bursts. But before you call an expert, don’t forget to check if your house’s main shutoff valve is completely open. A partially open valve could also affect the water pressure in your house.

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