Here’s What to Check If Your Water Well Pump Stops Working

Here's What to Check If Your Water Well Pump Stops WorkingWater is one of the key necessities of life. Thus, many homeowners around the world choose to go with private water wells to reduce dependency on municipal water. However, the problem with private wells is that they sometimes develop issues. Problems with the pump are rare but not unheard of. When the pump stops working, the entire water supply stops, thereby leading to immense difficulties. If ever you find yourself in a situation where your home’s water supply stops, here’s the problem areas you must first check.

Make Sure Your Pump Is Getting Power Supply

Before getting to more complicated issues, check the simple things first. A lot of times pumps stop working because they have no power reaching them. So, the first thing you must do is check if the circuit breaker of the pump has tripped. If the problem is due to tripping, simply pulling the switch back to its original position will get the pump and water supply up and running. However, if your pump’s circuit breaker has been tripping repeatedly, you must get an electrician to come and take a look. Repeated tripping is often a result of a short circuit.

Try Cleaning the Pump’s Intake Pipe

Sometimes, the intake pipe of the pump becomes choked with contaminants such as sediment, debris and plant matter. Thus, if the pump stops, the next thing you must check is the intake pipe. Backflushing may help you get rid of a small blockage. However, if the blockage is huge, you will have to remove the pipe and clean it properly to get rid of the blockage.

Make Sure There Is Water in the Well

Changes in the water table are not uncommon — with seasons, the depth of the water table also changes. Thus, if your pump stops working suddenly, check whether the water table has sunk below the level to which the well has been dug. One easy way to check the depth of the water table is to tie a thick thread to a light stone and throw it to the bottom of the well. If the well is dry, you can either wait for the well to get filled again or you can call a technician and ask them to dig the well deeper so that the pump reaches the water table.

Ask a Professional to Check Your Home’s Plumbing for Blockages and Other Issues

If your water well’s pump is occasionally making sounds but the water isn’t reaching your home’s taps, chances are there is a problem with your home’s plumbing — you are most likely dealing with a blockage. If this is the case, the first thing you must do is switch off the pump and then call a professional to come and take a look.

Check If the Pressure Inside the Pressure Tank Has Become Low

The air pressure inside the pressure tank forces the water in the pump to flow into your house. If the pressure inside the water tank becomes low, the water supply to the house either gets restricted or slows down. If your pump has stopped, check if the tank pressure has become low. The correct pressure for all tanks is written on the body of the tank. You can check the pressure with a normal tire pressure gauge. In case the water pressure is low, you will have to call an expert and get the tank replaced.


In most cases, these small problems and issues can be easily avoided by having a skilled technician check your water well’s pump from time to time. Regular maintenance stops small problems from turning into big headaches. Thus, if you have a private water well, make sure you are getting the routine checkups and maintenance done on time.

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