Here’s What Lapeer, MI, Homeowners Must Do to Get Clean and Safe Drinking WaterWater wells have received increased attention in recent years, thanks to the numerous benefits they provide. Water wells not only provide you with peace of mind knowing you are getting high-quality water, but are equally environment-friendly. What’s more, unlike other water sources, wells don’t need any significant investment. Once drilled and functional, a well will only require very little to no maintenance to remain in tip-top condition. These benefits only imply that many Lapeer, MI homeowners will continue to install wells at their homes.

However, if you are looking to install a water well in your home, you must first embrace the fact that, like any other machine, water wells too, can be susceptible to problems. And one particular issue that most wells experience down the line is their inability to hold pressure. And when this occurs, your well’s ability to supply water is affected. However, the most encouraging thing about this problem is that it can easily be fixed. Today in this post, we are going to share with you some proven and effective tips on how to fix the low-pressure issue in water wells. Continue your reading and enhance your knowledge:

Examine the PSI level of your pressure tank:

If you have been encountering a low-pressure problem with your well, the first thing you should do is to check whether the pressure tank is functioning optimally. It is not uncommon for pressure tanks to get waterlogged. Unfortunately, when this occurs, the pressure tank will be unable to power water and the desired pressure.

To examine whether your pressure tank is compromised or not, have a look at the PSI level. This should be a straightforward task bearing in mind that most manufacturers indicate the PSI level-related information on the tanks. But if for some reason you are not able to find this important information, you are free to contact your manufacturer to help you find this important piece of information.

And once you know the PIS level, you can use a gauge to measure the PSI level of your pressure tank. And if it is two PSI levels below the cut point, the pressure switch will cease to function, implying that you won’t get a water supply.

As you examine the pressure tank for the right PSI level, you also need to ensure the tank hasn’t developed any rust. And if this is the unfortunate truth, act fast to call your local water well repair professional.

You should ensure the pressure knob is On! And if the pressure tank is functioning perfectly well, the chances are high that you are having low pressure and supply problems, and this means the prime culprit could be the pressure switch. This vital device will always shut down immediately it detects any pressure or water supply-related problems. For example, if the pressure tank is exerting lots of pressure on the whole unit by drawing excess water, the pressure switch will ultimately shut down the entire system automatically.

So, if you are having any pressure or supply-related issues, have a look at the pressure switch. And if it’s off, you will have to turn it on again. In the event that the system fails to function even after you have restarted the pressure system, restart every single water valve connected to the system.

Usually, the solutions explained above will help solve any pressure-related problems with your well. However, if they can’t help solve the problem, check your water pump. However, keep in mind that if your pump is malfunctioning, only a qualified and experienced Lapeer, MI well expert can handle the problem. And while most water wells will serve you for an extended period, it is highly recommended that you schedule routine maintenance to ensure it doesn’t experience any problems down the road!

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