Here's What Dryden, MI, Homeowners Must Do to Get Clean and Safe Drinking WaterIf you are planning to get your well water treated, you should check the water for any kind of contamination or contaminants. It is common for water wells in Dryden, MI, to experience some level of groundwater contamination.

Water wells in Dryden, MI, often gather contaminants due to improper disposal of dead animals. Similarly, waste from septic systems also often makes its way to water wells and so does fertilizer and pesticide-related waste. It is also common for Dryden, MI, homeowners to find garden chemicals, waste from fuel storage tanks, painting products, etc., in their water well. Many Dryden, MI, homeowners will vouch for this: hydro-fracking, which is the process of extracting petroleum from oil shales by injecting chemicals and steam into the ground, is one of the biggest causes of water-well contamination in the area. If you live in Dryden, MI, and have a private water well, you must also know that the older your well gets, the higher are the chances of it gathering contaminants. Therefore, it is crucial to get your well tested for contaminants from time to time.

Can I Do Something to Keep My Water Well Safe from Contaminants?

Many Dryden, MI, homeowners often ask us if there is something they can do to reduce groundwater well contamination. Yes, there are a few things you can do. To start with, choosing the correct well location is crucial. Ask your water well-digging expert to make sure your water well is at least 100 horizontal feet away from any known sources of contamination. Similarly, your water well must also be at least 50 feet away from any sewer lines or septic tanks. Also, ask your water well expert to make sure that the grout seal is not missing and the water well cap is properly fixed as any problem with these can result in the eruption of coliform bacteria.

You Can Also Clean Your Water Well on Your Own

Here are a few things you can do on a personal level to make sure your water well does not gather contaminants.

  • Get your water well tested annually for the presence of coliform bacteria. While you can use a home test kit to check the presence of coliform bacteria, we suggest you take the help of an expert from a certified laboratory for this particular step.
  • If your water well has developed coliform bacteria, you must start using sanitary water well caps. Sanitary water well caps are a huge help, especially when the bacteria is present in small quantities.
  • If the bacteria is in a small quantity, you can even consider sanitizing it with chlorine yourself. The process is quite simple. Prepare a 100 ppm bleach solution and use it to get rid of the coliform bacteria. However, if you are doing chlorine cleaning yourself, we recommend that you perform a chlorine test using a high-level chlorine kit to make sure you have not added chlorine in overtly large amounts.
  • Lastly, if you think well maintenance or cleaning is not something you can do, do not hesitate about hiring an expert.


Water wells provide mental relief by assuring clean and safe drinking water. However, they are able to do so only when they are clean. We hope the tips shared in this article will help you keep your Dryden, MI, water well clean.

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