Health Benefits of Well Water Metro Detroit, MI Homeowners Must Be Aware Of

Health Benefits of Well Water Metro Detroit, MI Homeowners Must Be Aware OfMetro Detroit, MI inhabitants are becoming increasingly health-conscious and it is a good thing too. The increasing number of private water well installations are indicative of the fact that Metro Detroit, MI, homeowners want access to clean and safe drinking water. Unlike the water supplied by local municipal corporations, which is loaded with chemicals, water delivered by water wells is free of chemicals and therefore, offers many health benefits. In this article, we share with our readers some of the benefits offered by clean water delivered by private water wells.

Water Delivered by Water Wells Is Good for the Skin

Skin experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. Why? It’s because water does the essential job of pushing out all the toxins from the body, thereby keeping the skin fresh and young. Further, water also promotes skin elasticity and helps maintain the correct skin pH, which in turn, is essential to keep acne and pimples away. Thus, drinking ample water is one of the best ways to keep one’s skin glowing and healthy. However, many Metro Detroit, MI inhabitants complain that their skin develops dry patches as well as pimples and acne even when they drink sufficient water throughout the day. In all likelihood, this is because they are drinking unclean water or water loaded with chemicals. Water wells draw water directly from the aquifer and therefore, the water delivered by them is healthy and good for the skin.

Well Water Is Better for Heart Health

Over the last few years, several studies have been conducted to study the impact of drinking water on heart health and almost all of these studies have corroborated the widely-believed fact that hydration is crucial to maintain good heart health. When a person is dehydrated, their blood becomes thick, which in turn, leads to low blood pressure. When the blood pressure is low, the heart has to work much harder than it normally does to maintain the correct blood pressure and blood flow within the body. In conclusion, dehydration makes one susceptible to coronary heart diseases. With private water wells, it is much easier to stay hydrated. Why? Water supplied by water wells is far tastier than normal water and therefore, people enjoy drinking it. Further, water well water is also free of chemicals, which further promotes heart health.

It Also Improves Brain Health

Not many Metro Detroit, MI homeowners know that the human brain is 75% water. Thus, when humans don’t drink enough water, the brain’s ability to work properly becomes compromised. Furthermore, since water delivers nutrients to the brain and takes away all toxins, not drinking enough water can lead to reduced mental alertness and concentration. Private well water is good for one’s health as it keeps the brain energized and properly functioning.

Well Water Aids Weight Loss

Lastly, water helps with weight loss. Studies have shown that water improves the body’s metabolic function by getting rid of all the toxins. Many Metro Detroit, MI have confessed that they forget to drink water as it does not taste great to them. On the other hand, those Metro Detroit, MI homeowners who have private water wells say often that they drink ample water throughout the day mostly because they like the taste of well water. Thus, if you are worried about losing weight, we recommend you get private water well installed.


Over the last few years, an increasing number of Michigan Detroit, MI homeowners have moved to private water wells. If you too have been thinking about getting private water well installed, go ahead. Private water wells offer many advantages and good health is one of them.

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