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Irrigation is the method of artificially applying water to your soil. It is vital to the survival of any landscape. During times with little rainfall, you’ll have to depend on irrigation to keep your plants alive. But if you’re worried that it will add to your water bill, there’s an alternative. Water wells can help provide the water source for your garden and other irrigation needs.

With a well, there are many different ways you can irrigate your property. The one best suited for your needs can be determined with the help of a professional.

Surface Irrigation

The first type is surface irrigation. This is when water moves across your landscape naturally, thanks to gravity. This is also known as flood irrigation.

Localized Irrigation

Next is localized irrigation which uses a system of piped water networks. This allows for the distribution of low-pressure water through patterns which are pre-determined. There are several sub-types of localized irrigation, with the most common being drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses a trickle effect to deliver water to plants at their roots. It’s one of the most effective means of water distribution with the lowest runoff rate and rate of evaporation. Often this is used in conjunction with plastic mulch to continue to reduce the rate of evaporation and deliver fertilizer.

This method of irrigation can be designed to water small areas of land at a time or the entire property all at once, all the while regulating pressure for steeper slopes through pressure emitters. This makes it easier to irrigate ground which is not level.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is the most common irrigation system for the average residential home. It uses piped water distributed through overhead sprinklers or guns.

These sprinklers or guns are mounted on permanent risers. They are attached to rotors and driven by either an impact mechanism, ball drive, or a gear drive. The rotors in sprinkler irrigation can be made to rotate in partial circles or full circles.

Irrigation Management

Thanks to technology, sprinkler systems can be installed under your lawn or landscape so that water is distributed evenly.

Electronic systems can also be installed which allow you to set specific times you wish to water. It’s better to do it early morning or late at night so that there is a lower chance of evaporation.

The Water Source

In any case, the foundation of the system you select begins at the source. And one of the most reliable water sources you can have is a personal water well. Having a well on your property gives you the opportunity to get fresh water pumped out when and where you need it.

A water well can be used on more than just irrigation. In fact, when setup correctly, you can free your entire household from monthly water bills.

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