4 Signs of Leaks in Your Water Well System in Fenton, Michigan

Water Well Leaking - Dirty Water - Fenton, MIA water well brings many advantages for residents of Fenton, Michigan. You get to enjoy a constant supply of fresh water, save on water bills, and have complete control over an essential resource. But if you want to keep enjoying these benefits, you have to make sure your water well system is in good shape.

It’s always a good idea to be a step ahead when it comes to water well maintenance in Fenton. Doing so will help you spot problems before they become larger issues. Things like spotting leaks while they’re still manageable should be something to keep in mind. Here are some signs of leakage that you need to keep a watchful eye for.

  1. Wet Patches on the Ground Can Signify Underground Leaks

If you notice wet spots or pools of water around the well, this could mean that there’s an underground leak. Even though small wet spots are normal, you need to watch out for large pools, as that can be a sign of a leak problem.

To make sure there’s nothing to worry about, have your water well service provider for Fenton take a look.

  1. The Water is Cloudy or Dirty

Leaks in your water well system could mean there’s a crack between the water source and your faucets. That crack can allow particles such as dirt and other debris to get into the pipes that carry water to your home. If you fill a glass of water from the tap, you’ll see that there will be dirt floating in the water.

If you see this sign, you need to have your water well system thoroughly inspected. Although it’s the water filter’s job to keep these particles from coming through, it can be overwhelmed if the source of the contamination is a crack along the pipes. Address the source of the issue to keep your water clean and safe.

  1. The Water Pump Is Working Harder than Usual

If there’s a leak, your water pump needs to work harder and longer than usual. Somewhere along the line, water is being lost so the pump tries to make up for the difference. This can also cause an increase in your electricity bills and energy consumption. If left alone, this can also damage the pump itself since it’s working harder than it’s supposed to.

  1. There’s Low Water Pressure

Another indicator of a water leak is low water pressure. If you open the shower and water isn’t coming out as strong as you expect, this indicates a problem. If the leak is particularly large and the pump may not be able to compensate for it.

Water well systems are designed with reliability in mind. If you notice anything unusual, it can’t hurt to have it checked by a qualified professional.

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