Factors That Determine Your Water Well Pump’s Life- Oakland County, MI

Factors That Determine Your Water Well Pump's LifeWater wells are a necessity in rural areas where people are reliant on underground water to meet their daily water needs. More importantly, the popularity of these machines can be attributed to the simple fact that they help save energy, efforts, and time. Water wells include several different components that work together to draw water from the underground table. The good health of any water well pump depends on the health of all of these components. In general, when taken care of properly and serviced frequently, water well pumps last ten to fifteen years. However, the exact life duration of any water well and its pump depends on several different factors. We discuss the most important of these factors in this article.

Pump Type

Not all water well pumps last ten to fifteen years. The type of pump is a critical factor that governs the life of any well. Water wells use two different types of pumps: jet pumps and submersible pumps. While submersible pumps only last eight to ten years, jet pumps usually last longer and have a life of 15 years or even more. Thus, water wells that use jet pumps last longer than water wells that use submersible pumps.

Quality of the Motor

The motor is the most critical component in any water well as it is the motor that does the main task of drawing water. From cheap ones to high-quality ones, many different types of motor are available in the market. If you are planning to get a water well installed, make sure to get the best quality motor available. This will ensure the long life of your water well as well as the pump.

Pump’s Wiring System

In terms of the wiring system, water wells use two different types of pumps: two-wire pumps and three-wire pumps. Three-wire pumps generally register longer life than two-wire pumps as in case of three-wire pumps, the control panel is located outside the pump. Thus, in case of any problems, the pump can be checked for issues and repaired. On the other hand, in the case of two-wire pumps, the control panel is located inside the pump. If the pump breaks, there is no way to repair it.

Water Quality

In many areas, the water is high in contaminants as well as materials such as sand and gravel. In such areas, the pump has to work harder to draw water, which significantly reduces the life of the pump and thus, the water well.

Pump Usage

The life of the pump also depends on how often the pump is used. Ideally, water well pumps should not be used for more than 4 hours a day. When a pump is used for 8 hours or more, its susceptibility to wear and tear and ultimately, breakage increases considerably.


Maintenance is key. If you have a water well, ask a water well expert to come and do routine checkup every once in a short while. Routine checkups allow you to find problems when they are small and keep them from getting bigger. Thus, people who get their water well pumps regularly checked, see their pumps lasting longer.

Key Takeaway

To say that all pumps last 10 to 15 years would be wrong. The true life of your water well pump will depend on all of the factors discussed above and especially on how well you maintain it. If you have a water well, make sure to get it and the pump checked by an expert every once in every short while.

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