Factors That Determine the Life of a Water Well Pump- Macomb County, MI

Duration of a Well Water Pump- Macomb County, MIA water well pump is an integral part of a private well setup and performs the primary function of pumping out water from the well. Water well pumps come especially useful in rural communities and farm areas where the demand for water is high.

However, like any other modern electric appliance, water pumps only last a certain number of years. When maintained properly, water well pumps last anything between 9 to 15 years. However, the life of a water well pump depends on several different factors, which we discuss in this article.

Type of Pump Is a Critical Factor

The first factor that plays a critical role in governing the life of a water well pump is the type of pump. Water well pumps that are installed inside the well water usually last only 8 to 10 years. However, pumps that are installed for home use last close to 15 years.

Duration of Usage Matters Too

All well water pumps undergo a lot of wear and tear, often induced by the rigorous friction during working. Thus, the life of a water pump is also heavily governed by its rate of usage as well as the total load put on it. In general, a pump that is used for 3-4 hours every day will survive anything between 10 to 15 years. However, as you increase a pump’s working hours, it’s life will decrease accordingly. If you are making your water well pump draw a large volume of water for a sustained period each day, it is quite unlikely that your pump will even last ten years.

Quality of the Motor Directly Impacts a Pump’s Life

The motor is the most important component of a water well pump — it does most of the work. Thus, the quality of the motor has a direct impact on the life of a water well pump. If you choose a pump with a low-quality matter, chances are you will find yourself buying another one in just a few years.

3-Wire System Pumps Last Longer than 2-Wire System Pumps

Based on their wire system, pumps can be divided into 2-wire pumps and 3-wire pumps. In the case of a 3-wire pump, the control panel is located outside of the pump. On the other hand, in the case of a 2-wire pump, the pump has all the components located inside of it. Since in the case of 3-wire pumps, the control panel is located outside of the pump, a technician can repair the pump in case of a small issue. However, when a 2-wire system pump collapses, there is no way to resuscitate it — you will have to get yourself a new one. In simple words, the 3-wire system pumps generally last longer than the 2-wire system pumps as they can be repaired.

Pumps in Areas That Get Sediment-Heavy Water Have Reduced Life

If you live in an area that gets sediment heavy water or water containing sand and gravel, your pump’s life will take a hit as sediment, sand, and gravel make pumps weaker and thereby, also more likely to get damaged.


While different factors do play an important role in determining the life of a water well pump, one simple thing can also help you extend its life: maintenance. Regular maintenance is important. If you think your pump isn’t working as well as it should, do not delay calling water well pump repair expert. Having an expert take a look and making the required amends will allow you to extend your pump’s life by at least a few years.

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