Everything You Need to Know About Preventive Water Well Maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Preventive Water Well MaintenancePreventive water well maintenance inspections are crucial. Fortunately, a survey conducted by the National Ground Water Association revealed that almost 80% of all water well owners take preventive maintenance seriously. The remaining 20% do not indulge in this type of maintenance as they are unaware of it. The survey also revealed that when owners are informed about the importance of preventive water well maintenance and how it positively affects the life of their water well, they start taking it seriously, and also get inspections done on time. This article is a must-read for all water well owners as in this article, we discuss everything one needs to know about preventive water well inspections.

How Often Should Water Well Maintenance Checks Be Performed?

Water well maintenance inspections are crucial in that they help to create a healthy water well system, which in turn, ensures that all members of a family are getting safe drinking water. More importantly, when done on time, water well maintenance inspections pick up the small problems in time, thereby making sure the small problems do not big over time and compel water well owners to spend an exorbitant amount of money on repair later. In conclusion, regular water well maintenance inspections not only increase the life of a water well but also protect well owners from expensive repairs in the future. Therefore, homeowners must get water well maintenance done on an annual basis. They must also get their water well tested for water quality regularly.

Water well owners must also make sure to get regular mechanical water well inspections done on time. These inspections must be done at least once every year and by a qualified professional. During a mechanical inspection, a water well expert performs a full-system check. They check and make sure that the water well’s various components, including pressure switch, pump, motor, pump, etc., are working to their optimum efficiency. Further, during a mechanical inspection, the chosen water well expert will also check the water well seal and whether it needs to be replaced immediately.

Other than mechanical inspection, state and federal regulatory authorities also recommend well owners to get the bacteria test done at least every year. Similarly, the basic organic and inorganic tests must also be performed once every year to make sure the water being delivered is safe for drinking and other purposes. Lastly, while general package checks must be done once in three to five years, extensive package checks must be done once in every 7 years.

What Is the Best Time to Perform Regular Water Well Maintenance Checks?

While one can perform water well maintenance checks performed any time of the years, the fall or early winter season is generally considered the ideal time for performing these checks. During the summer season, water wells are used more than any other season. This, in turn, leads to an exhausted pumping system. Thus, it is best to get your water well tested during early winters. More importantly, do not trust just anyone with your water well system. We recommend doing some research and choosing a certified technician with good ratings.

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