Everything Lapeer, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Water Well Cleaning

Everything Lapeer, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Water Well CleaningClean water is one of the biggest necessities in life. It is, thus, that many Lapeer, MI homeowners decide to get private water wells installed. Private water wells give homeowners the comfort and peace of knowing that they and their family members are getting pure, safe, and healthy drinking water. However, Lapeer, MI homeowners must also know that water wells require regular care and maintenance. Thoroughly cleaning your water well is the only way to know that harmful bacteria aren’t present in your home’s water system and your family has access to safe and healthy drinking water.

Here’s Why Cleaning Water Wells Is Important and Here’s How to Do It

Those Lapeer, MI homeowners who already have private water wells will tell you that private water wells demand maintenance. Thankfully, their maintenance requirements are very basic. One of the maintenance requirements is regular cleaning. It is not uncommon for bacteria and other contaminants to enter your home’s water supply. Thus, Lapeer, MI homeowners must regularly clean their wells to keep all kinds of contaminants capable of causing allergies and diseases away from their home’s water supply.

When it comes to cleaning water wells, there are a few things that Lapeer, MI homeowners must know. For starters, they must know how their water well was dug. Those water wells that draw groundwater, also known as surface water, are called surface water wells and are dug manually. These wells become infected by contaminants easily and therefore must be regularly cleaned and decontaminated.

The easiest way to clean surface water wells is to use chlorine. Chlorine is an excellent cleansing agent. Further, it is very effective against bacteria and all other different kinds of contaminants. Therefore, all one needs to do is pour some chlorine into their home’s plumbing system and leave it there. The chlorine will eventually kill all bacteria and other contaminants.

And Here’s Why Lapeer, MI, Homeowners Must Trust Professionals to Do the Job

However, cleaning their water well with chlorine isn’t something Lapeer, MI homeowners must do on their own. For chlorine to be effective, it must be used in the right amount — use too much chlorine and you run the risk of affecting your home’s water quality; use too little and it won’t be effective.

Thus, hire a Lapeer, MI professional to do the job. Experts come with the equipment and experience need to clean water wells properly. Further, experienced professionals not only decontaminate the water well but they also check various components and parts. All good Lapeer, MI water well professionals carry with them what is called the hore bib and they use this hose bib to check the scent of bleach in each tap, thereby making sure the chlorine has reached every inch of the home’s plumbing system. Further, once they have made sure that chlorine has reached every part of the home, they spray your water well’s interior casing. This spraying ensures that all bacteria and contaminants have been removed properly. Lastly, they conduct the flushing process, which guarantees that one is getting access to clean and healthy water.


We encourage Lapeer, MI homeowners to make a DIY job of most of the routine household tasks. However, cleaning water well is a task that requires experience. Further, it is a task that must be done perfectly. After all, clean water is essential to good health. Thus, we recommend Lapeer, MI homeowners to leave this one task to professionals.

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