Duration of a Well Water Pump

Duration of a Well Water PumpA water well pump is a device or installed machine which is useful in helping to suction or pump out water from wells.  It is one of the more convenient applications of modern technology and helps to save a lot on time, cost, effort, and efficiency. It is a particularly useful device for rural communities and farmlands that depend on water wells for meeting their needs.  The average duration of a well pump, if maintained well and used responsibly, can range between 9 and 15 years. Of course, there are a number of factors on which the life of a well pump depends on.  

1. Type of Pump

The lifespan of a well pump will depend on the type it is. Submersible pumps which are installed in the waters of the well itself average around 8-10 years while pumps for home use can stretch it out to 15 years.

2. Wire System

Well pumps come with wire systems called 2 wire and 3 wire. This basically determines where the electrical control panel is situated in the overall installation.

It is situated external to the pump in a 3 wire system while a 2 wire system has the necessary self-starting components. The benefit of a 3 wire system is that if something goes wrong with the control panel, it can be repaired or switched. In a 2 wire system, however, the whole pump will have to be replaced. This means 3 wire pumps often have more longevity than 2 wire pumps.

3. Use Times

Of course, being a machine which undergoes rigorous friction application and heat generation, a pump has to undergo a lot of wear and tear.

The lifespan is heavily impacted by the rate and load of use. If a pump is turned on for 12-15 hours every day to pump large volumes of water then it will get burned out and require frequent maintenance. The idle period to turn on a pump is 3-4 hours and this ensures a life of 10-15 years.

4. Quality of the Motor

The motor is a vital part of the pump which is responsible for the bulk of the work a pump does. Motor quality thus heavily affects the usage and life of a well pump. A lower quality motor will mean a shorter life filled with more problems for your pump.

5. Sediment and Grit

Sediment, sand, gravel and other coarse substances can drastically affect a pump’s life or functioning ability. Sediment heavy water can quickly wear down the internal parts of a pump and make it structurally weaker and more prone to break down and malfunction


One important factor in extending the life of your pump is timely maintenance. If you have an inkling that your pump is not performing like before or has problems then contact water well drilling companies which also do repair and maintenance work.  If you believe your well water pump has died a premature death or a natural one, then you will need to contact water well drilling contractors for installing another pump.  Contact RIES Well Drilling regarding any questions you may have about well water pumps or any other questions related to water wells in metro-Detroit, Michigan.  Give our office a call today at (586) 784-9516!