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When you think of a water well, what do imagine? Is it the old bucket on a rope like you see on TV? If so, it’s time to let go of that image. Today’s water wells are nothing like that at all. Though they access the same water source, their construction is entirely different.

When it comes to digging, modern water wells don’t rely on shoveling dirt. A well driller’s tool of choice is called a drilling rig. It makes the job of accessing the water underneath your feet easier than ever. In addition, the hole is kept as small as possible to avoid becoming an eyesore on the property.

Here’s what you need to know about water well drilling rigs.

What Is a Water Well Drilling Rig?

As mentioned above, a drilling rig’s purpose is to create an opening in the ground to access the groundwater. Using a drilling rig, water well drillers can complete the installation work in as little as one day.

Rigs comes in different sizes and can even use different bits to get through whatever is in the way. It creates a hole in the ground that’s just big enough to install all the necessary parts of the water well system.

Small Rig vs. Big Rig

Generally speaking, there are two types of drilling rigs used for creating a water well. One is small and compact and can be moved around and used by one person. This is also called an auger. A small rig such as this can be powered by hand, by an electric motor or even through hydraulic power. They’re convenient to use for smaller jobs but their size also limits the depth they can dig and the material they can dig through.

For more difficult jobs, a large drilling rig may be necessary. This category of water well drilling rigs is large enough that they need to be mounted on a truck. Large drilling rigs are also complex pieces of machinery which makes them difficult to operate without proper training. However, this also makes them much more versatile. They can reach depths way beyond what small augers can. And using the appropriate bit, a large drilling rig can get through harder materials to access the water underneath.

Who Can Operate a Drilling Rig?

As you may have guessed by now, whether big or small, these machines can’t be used by just anyone. Aside from the operational knowledge to know how to use a well drilling rig, states may require operators to be properly licensed.

In addition to the knowing how to use the equipment, there’s also the issue of safety. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can easily get someone hurt. It’s just not worth the risk.

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