Does Your Water Well Need Fixing?

Does Your Water Well Need Fixing?Being able to identify the signs that your water well needs expert attention is crucial. After all, it supplies water for your daily needs, and you are responsible for ensuring its quality is not compromised. While most other home maintenance jobs are easy to note and keep track of, water well maintenance is something that often slips the mind.

There are several ways you can check if your water well in Dryden, MI, is working fine or if there’s a problem in the system. Read on to know whether you need to call an expert for an opinion.

High Utility Bill

One of the first giveaways of a problem in a water well is a higher electricity bill. Water from the well reaches every faucet through a complex network of pipes, and any clogs in these pipes will lead to your well pump running overtime to maintain the pressure. And the harder the pump works, the higher your electricity bill will be. So if your electricity bill has jumped for unknown reasons, it might be time to call a contractor.

Air in Water

When you open a faucet, does it sound like the system is taking a second too long and then spitting air bubbles and water together? There are two possible causes for this. First, a pipe connecting the faucet to the well is broken; as a result, air is trapped while the water is sucked up. Second, the pump is above the groundwater level inside the water well, due to which it is unable to pump enough water. In the second scenario, the water is not only in an intermittent stream but also of lower quality, since the gases the pump sucks mix with the water.

The Water Looks, Tastes, or Smells Off

Murky water is an indication that the water level has fallen too low in the well, and it is picking up sand, silt, or dirt. Not only is such water unhealthy, but the debris can also severely damage the pump. Corrosion in the pipes can give water a metallic taste. Whatever be the reason, if you see a change in water appearance, taste, or smell, you need to call a local contractor in Dryden, MI, for a professional opinion.

Low Water Pressure

One of the easiest signs to pick up on a problem is low water pressure. There can be several reasons for this, and the most common ones are clogging in the pipe system, a damaged water pump, or a well that’s almost dried up. A contractor will need to have a look to ascertain what the actual cause is and how best you can fix it.

One of the smartest ways to determine whether the problem lies in your plumbing or in the pump or the water well is to check with others who use the same well. If neighbors whose plumbing is also connected to the well face the same issues, you can be sure the problem is with the water well or the pump.

If you notice any of these signs, give us or another local contractor in Dryden, MI, a call without further ado. Even minor problems can worsen if they’re ignored for too long – costing you more money eventually.

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