Debunking Myths About Your Romeo Water Well

Debunking Myths About Your Romeo Water WellIf you’ve never owned a water well, chances are the information that you’ve heard about them is only based on hearsay. You may have heard someone talk about the strange taste of well water.  You may have heard a friend complain about hard water stains. Hearing complaints about well water may make you think twice about buying a home with a water well, but it shouldn’t.

In truth, many families in rural and suburban areas are opting for water wells because of their benefits. These families are choosing water wells over city water and for good reason. There are many benefits for owning a water well. If you’re looking to have a water well drilled for your Romeo home it’s important to understand the truth about water wells.

Common Myths About Water Wells

Perhaps the best way to fully understand the benefits of your Romeo water well is to tackle each myth at its source. Here are common myths about water wells and the truth behind them.

  • Well water tastes different. Some people say that their well water has a strange taste. In truth, there may be some difference in taste, but that’s because of the natural minerals found in well water. Whereas city water has to add any minerals for health benefits, many minerals are naturally found in well water. The most common minerals found in well water are calcium, magnesium, and sodium.
  • City water is safer. This myth is probably the most outrageous considering the issues the residents of Flint have had getting safe drinking water. City water is treated with harsh chemicals because of the pollution that is found in many rivers and lakes. When you rely on city water, you have no way of knowing if your water has been correctly treated or if you’re drinking contaminated water. With well water, you know exactly where your water is coming from and are in direct control of the safety of your drinking water.
  • Well Water is hard water. If you’ve heard that well water is hard water, you’re actually right. Hard water simply refers to water is that contains high amounts of natural minerals. Water that isn’t properly treated and contains too many minerals can cause plumbing issues. However, treating hard water is a simple process and shouldn’t sway you on owning a water well. Regular well maintenance involves adding a water softener to your water well to ensure that you have the proper amount of minerals in your water.
  • Maintaining water wells is hard work. You may have heard that maintaining your water well is a lot of work, but that isn’t the case. Your water well experts make the process of inspecting your water well and testing your water simple. As a well owner, you should schedule water well maintenance annually for the best results.

The Truth About Water Wells

The truth is that the benefits of owning a water well far outweigh any perceived issues. Owning a Romeo water well allows you the peace of mind in knowing that your family has safe and clean drinking water. Give Ries Well Drilling, Inc., a call today at (586) 784-9516 to see for yourself the benefits of owning a Romeo water well.

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