3 Myths About Water Well Drilling You Shouldn’t Believe

clarkston-well-drilling-companyWhen a Clarkston residence or business considers owning their own water well, there can be a lot of speculation. Installing and owning a personal water well definitely offers some great benefits. But some people believe that more trouble comes with installing a new type of water supply. However, as professional well drillers, we’re happy to confirm that those are just myths. If you’re looking into getting your own well, here are 3 myths you shouldn’t believe.

Myth 1: Water Wells Aren’t Pressurized Enough

There are testimonies about water wells that claim that some areas of a house or a building won’t receive enough pressure. They say that it makes daily hygienic activities more inconvenient than they need to be. Any professional well drilling company can take care of low water pressure. By making sure there is a constant pressure system, it will not only keep the water flowing but also detect how much pressure is needed.

For example, Ries Well Drilling Inc. makes sure that the Franklin Electronic Constant Pressure System is offered to all water well installations. That’s because they know that appropriate water pressure is expected by their customers.

Myth 2: Well Water Isn’t Better Than Public Water

Is the convenience of having public water is still persuading you to ignore a water well system? The comparison of water quality might make you think twice. Since public water systems give out annual reports about your water, it seems trustworthy. However, public water systems allow a variety of minerals to remain in their water. But just because they’re allowed doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful.

When you own your own water supply, you know what is in your water. Your well drilling company will test the status of your water for you while also installing a filter. The filter helps make the water “soft.” That means there are less chemicals, metals, and minerals in your water. When you have a water well system for yourself, you’ll taste and maybe even see and smell the difference.

Myth 3: Water Well Drilling Costs More Than Monthly Utility Bills

This myth is absolutely not true. In fact, switching over to owning your own personal water well will save you a large amount of money. In addition to having higher water quality, you will also realize that owning your own water supply is much more cost effective. After all, it’s your water. You won’t be paying a public utility service every month.

Put a solid investment into having the well installed. After that, you’ll never see a water bill again. The only expenses coming your way are maintenance checks and any necessary repairs. Don’t worry though. Since water wells are reliable and durable, this won’t cost you much.

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