Almont well drillingIs your household’s water supply linked to a public water system? Or, do you own a private Almont well? Whatever the case, the condition of your water should always be checked periodically. You already know the importance of water since you use it on a daily basis. It should be just as critical to know how to detect the good and bad signs regarding your water’s quality.

If you’ve been curious about your water’s condition, here are a few signs that point to hiring an Almont well drilling company.

Your Water Looks Different

Do you ever turn on the tap and feel uneasy when your water looks a little too foggy? Usually when you disperse water into a drinking glass from the tap, it starts out foggy or bubbly due to the oxygen and then clears in a few seconds. However, if it stays foggy, it is not safe to drink. If you ever notice a milky or foggy look to your water, you must call the water department. A longer-term alternative is to invest in a personal Almont well and bring an end to foggy water.

Another way your water will look different is if it has a different hint of color. There are times where the color seems so transparent that you’re not sure whether you’re seeing things or if it’s harmless. If you have doubts, you should definitely have that tested. If you had your own personal water well, a professional Almont well drilling company will check on that for you.

Sometimes the water changes color when metals like iron build up. This can be resolved with a filter that keeps the iron out and by making sure your pipes are in good condition. Neglecting the color or fogginess of your water can definitely lead to health problems.

Your Water Smells Strange

Testing the smell of your water is simple: pour a glass of water and take a whiff. If it has a sulfurous or rotten egg smell, you should be cautious. The sulfur smell isn’t a huge issue when it’s minor, but it can grow into something bigger if it isn’t tended to. A large amount of hydrogen-sulfide gas can be harmful to you. It’s often caused by organic matter mixing with the water and can happen whether your water is connected to a public water system or a water well.

Taking attention to this issue is faster when you have a professional Almont well drilling company monitoring your water well for you. Public water systems often have a pile of issues and may make you wait in line. When your water source is private, any problems you encounter are top priority.

Your Water Tastes Strange

This sign should be a given. Professional well drillers make sure the water source they create for Michigan homes is “soft”. This means it tastes fresh and clean without any metallic after-taste. If your water tastes like the opposite of “soft”, then your plumbing or water source definitely needs a checkup.

Almont Well Driller Discusses What to Check in Your Water’s Condition

If you notice these signs, your problems can be quickly attended to when you hire an Almont well drilling company . Contact Ries Well Drilling in Macomb and Oakland County to have any of those problems taken care of.