Adding a Constant Pressure System to Your St. Clair County Well

Adding a Constant Pressure System to Your St. Clair County WellAs a homeowner with a water well on your property, you’re probably already aware of the benefits that water wells provide. From saving money compared to the cost of city water to the peace of mind that your water is safe and clean, there are many reasons well owners love their water well.

But what about when things start to go wrong? It’s normal for maintenance to be done at least twice a year to prevent any issues with water wells. This bi-annual maintenance is a great way to prevent problems before they even occur. However, there is one common issue that well owners deal with that they often don’t bring up and that’s low water pressure. Some well owners simply accept that when they’re taking a shower or washing dishes, the water pressure will drop. However, low water pressure in your home can actually be an easy fix depending on the cause.

Why Water Pressure Drops

You may be wondering why your water pressure has been dropping in the first place.  There are several reasons that your water well could have low water pressure including, low water levels, increased water usage, or old pipes.   Another issue that could be causing low pressure could be low water volume coming through the pipes. This happens when sediment builds up in the pipes and clogs the well casing. The first step for handling low water pressure is having a water well professional assess the situation. Based on the cause of your wells low water pressure, a constant pressure system might be the best solution.

What is a Constant Pressure System?

A constant pressure system is an addition to a traditional water well pump that changes the speed of the water in the pump to meet the demand of water needed while keeping a constant flow of water to your home. Constant pressure systems work by using a pressure sensor to determine the water pressure in the pipes and adjusts the speed that your water pump sends water to your home. Without a constant pressure system, your water well pump turns off once it hits 60 psi water pressure. This means that there may be a drop in water pressure when several taps are being used due to the pump needing to re-activate to accommodate the water usage. With a constant pressure pump, your home has a constant flow of water that speeds up with increased usage and slows down when water usage has decreased.

Benefits of a Franklin Electric Pressure System

Here at Ries Well Drilling, Inc. we often get requests to have a Franklin Electric Pressure System added to wells in St. Clair County. A few benefits to choosing one of these systems for your own water well include a quiet operation, more control over water pressure settings, and built-in pump protection. If you’re sick of having low water pressure in your St. Clair County home, give Ries Well Drilling, Inc. a call today at (586) 784-9516 and see the difference a constant pressure system can make!