5 Tips on How to Maintain a Water Well5 Tips on How to Maintain a Water Well

There are numerous benefits of having your own water well. Firstly, it saves you from water bills. Secondly, water from a well has more minerals in it and is healthy to drink. Such water is also gentle on the skin. However, in order to keep your water clean and safe, maintenance of the water well is a must.

Here are five strategies on how to maintain your water well.

1. Pay Attention to Water Taste and Color

There are times when you turn the faucet on and notice a slight change in the color, odor, and taste of the water. When this happens, chances are that there is something wrong with the filter or even the well. This normally happens due to contaminants such as arsenic and radon. In order to detect the issue, it is better to call a professional water damage service.

2. Keep Chemical Away from the Well

Another thing that can affect the water in your well is exposure to hazardous chemicals. Chemicals like washing detergents, acids, and gasoline must be kept away from the water well. The consumption of contaminated water can result in skin allergies, respiratory problems, and headaches. Also, when constructing water well, make sure to build it at a distance from fuel storage.

3. Check the Water Level

Checking the water level in your well is a helpful way of measuring how much water you are using and how much you have left. Measuring water levels in the well is a tricky job because it requires the use of special measuring tools. A professional water damage repair company can do it for you. If the water level in your well keeps dropping at a fast pace, it means that the walls or the base of the well is damaged. Cracked walls and base allow the water to seep through.

4. Check for Bacteria Growth

There are several reasons why bacteria find their way into your water well. It could happen due to poor construction of your well, the repair process, or the surrounding soil. If your water well gets contaminated by bacteria, you won’t be able to drink the water or use it to bathe, cook, or wash the dishes. Although you can use a simple DIY water testing kit, it is better to call a professional.

5. Annual Professional Checkups

A common mistake that people often commit is not hiring a professional water well repair company. They think that by not calling a professional, they will save money. Such a strategy will allow them to save a few bucks in the short run, but they’ll probably have to bear major repairs in the longer run. A professional water well repair company can not only detect the problem within your well, but also help you find the necessary solutions.

If you want your water well to be safe for use, follow the aforementioned tips promptly.  If you have more questions on how to maintain your well water, contact RIES Well Drilling today!  We can be reached at (586) 784-9516!

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