5 Simple Tips on Well and Pump Maintenance for Metro-Detroit Homeowners

5 Simple Tips on Well and Pump Maintenance for Metro-Detroit HomeownerMetro-Detroit homeowners have so many things to take care of daily that they often do not have the time to devote to other small but significant concerns, such as routine well and pump maintenance. This article has been written keeping in mind those Metro-Detroit homeowners who do not know much about well and pump maintenance. The tips and suggestions given in this article won’t only ensure the effective and efficient working of pumps but will also allow homeowners to recognize early warning signs that indicate problems with a well or pump and take required action in time.

Notice Changes in the Water Quality

Metro-Detroit homeowners with private wells must make it a point to notice the quality of the water delivered for at least the first two years after the installation of a water well. Observing the water quality will allow homeowners to easily determine any physical change in water quality due to a malfunction or problem.

While it is normal for the water delivered to change in terms of colour, taste and odour due to changes in atmospheric pressure, pumping levels or atmospheric draft, a change in water quality could also be due to water well and pumps concerns, such as a collapsed well, cascading water and shifts in the aquifer. If you suspect that the physical changes in water are due to issues related to pump and well and are not being caused by seasonal variations, immediately contact a Metro-Detroit water well and pump expert.

Pay Attention to the Pump’s Various Sounds

In case of motors installed above the ground, such as a jet or vertical turbine pump, it is quite easy to notice even minor changes in the sound and pitch of the pump. However, it is also possible to notice any changes in the sounds of the operating pumping unit if you pay proper attention. And Metro-Detroit homeowners must pay proper attention to these sounds as they, more often than not, indicate an imminent failure. If you are hearing a continuous telegraphing noise from a bearing, an electrical noise emerging from the control box, gurgling noises from the bladder tank or a continuous sound from the motor, your pump is about to collapse. So, call an expert and ask them to take a look.

Burning Smells Are Quite Easily Discernible

Odor is another important attribute that Metro-Detroit homeowners can use to analyze or predict problems with the water well, motor or pump. The best part is detecting odour does not require any special instruments — your nose is naturally trained to do the job perfectly well. If you notice that the water is smelling like burning rubber, chances are you are dealing with non-lubricated rubber bearings. On the other hand, burning electrical insulations cause the water to smell of hydrogen sulphide and other gases.

Temperature Changes Must Also Be Noticed

While it is not possible to check the temperature of every component of water well, Metro-Detroit homeowners must necessarily pay attention to the temperature of the exposed motor sections and electrical panels. One does not need any fancy equipment for this, simply put your hand on the exposed part of the motor and you will be able to gauge whether the temperature of the motor is normal or high. If the motor is too hot, it could be because of failed bearings and control box and electrical panel overheating.

Familiarize Yourself with the Readings on the Pressure Guage

Metro-Detroit homeowners with private wells must also make it a point to familiarize themselves with the water flow and pressure. Both of these are easy parameters to measure. Metro-Detroit homeowners must devote some time to understanding the pressure gauge and the various readings on it. It is crucial to learn to recognize the normal operating pressure as this particular variable and the variations in it indicate common concerns, such as a waterlogged pressure tank. A waterlogged pressure tank can destroy a pump and thus, homeowners must act on this sign immediately.

Key Takeaway

Simple, easily discernible signs such as those mentioned above are capable of alerting homeowners about imminent problems. Learning to notice these common signs can help Metro-Detroit homeowners save big in the long-run.

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