5 Signs That Show Your Water Well Needs the Help of an Expert

High Electric Bill - Faulty PumpPrivate water wells are becoming increasingly common in the United States. However, most homeowners are clueless about what they can do to boost the health and life of their water wells. This leads to various problems, such as diminished water quality and water pressure, drying of water wells, etc. Most of these problems require the assistance of a water well contractor. So, how does a homeowner know it’s time to call a water well expert?

Here are five signs that show your water well needs the help of a professional.

Your Faucets Are Spitting Air and Water

If your faucets are spitting air and water, it could only mean one thing: the pump of your water well is positioned well above the groundwater level. When the groundwater level falls, the water pump is unable to draw sufficient water to produce a steady supply. This inability of the water pump leads to faucets sputtering a mixture of air and water. In this scenario, the bigger problem is posed by the gases drawn by the pump along with the air. These gases mix with water and ruin its quality. In some cases, spluttering faucets may also be a sign of a damaged pipe. In any case, if your faucets are producing water and air, it’s time to call a water well contractor.

You Are Getting Massive Power Bills

A pump has to work twice as hard to supply water through a clogged or damaged pipe. Thus, clogged and damaged pipes lead to water pumps drawing more energy. This excess energy consumed by the pump often reflects itself in the power bill. A broken check valve can also have a similar effect on your water well’s pump. Therefore, if you are regularly getting massively huge power bills even after regulating your water usage, it’s time to seek the help of an expert.

You Are Getting Mucky Water

As a general rule, water pumps are installed at least 20 feet below the bottom of the well. This rule is observed to ensure that the water being drawn by the pump is free of sand or silt usually present near the bottom of a well. If you are continually getting sandy or muddy water, it may be because your water pump is too close to the bottom of the well. It may also be due to a damaged well screen. Both these issues require the opinion of an expert. If you are continually getting murky water, immediately call an expert as sand, silt, and mud can damage your pump beyond repair.

Water Pressure Is Continually Low

There can be many plausible reasons for low water pressure in your home’s water system. Low water pressure can be a sign of a well drying up or a damaged water pump. However, it can also only be due to a clogged pipe or a broken valve. Only a professional will be able to check your water system and pump and establish a precise reason for the low water pressure.

Your Neighbours Are Also Facing Difficulties

If you share a water well with your neighbor, the first thing to do in case of any water supply irregularity is check with your neighbors. If you are the only one experiencing issues, the problem is concentrated in your home. However, if your neighbors too are facing the same issues as you, it means there is a more significant problem that must be immediately tackled. In such a scenario, get in touch with a water well contractor without any delay.

Contact The Expert’s In Water Well Drilling – Ries Well Drilling

If you see the signs mentioned above, it does not necessarily mean that your well has dried or your water pump has broken. These signs could mean other smaller problems as well. However, it’s best not to ignore these signs as minor problems often lead to bigger ones when ignored.

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