5 Benefits of Constant Pressure in Your Water System

Grundfos Constant Pressure System Installed - Washington Twp., MI

Grundfos Constant Pressure System

If you’re thinking about switching to a water well, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of those things is water pressure. Because of the nature of a water well, there are cases where the pressure provided by a regular pump alone is not enough. If the water pressure is too weak, then using it can be quite inconvenient. The same goes for fluctuating water pressure which can often be experienced if demand for water is high.

To help with this issue, a constant pressure system should be installed. As the name implies, it keeps the flow of water consistent even when conditions change. Here are 5 things you can expect.

1. Water Can Be Used Simultaneously

It’s happened to most of us. You’re enjoying your shower then suddenly, it seems as though the water was turned off. Before you even do anything the water suddenly bursts back out. Later, you find out that someone else washing the dishes or flushing the toilet is what caused that fluctuation.

What happened was the water pressure simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. Using a constant pressure system will help remedy this.

2. Water Treatment Systems Become More Effective

Water filters or water softening systems are also affected by water pressure. These require a certain level of pressure to do their job effectively. Since they’re basically obstructions in the flow of water, without the necessary pressure to push the water through, you may find that they’re not working as intended.

3. Irrigation Systems Run Better

If you use a sprinkler system for your lawn, you know how important it is that the water is spread evenly. If the force of the water drops, there will be patches where the lawn is not watered. Some spray nozzles may not even work properly if the water coming through the hose doesn’t have sufficient pressure. Leave this situation alone and it can eventually ruin your lawn.

But with a constant pressure system, you can expect your sprinklers to work flawlessly and provide even distribution of water where it’s needed. Also, you won’t have to wait until no one is using the water in your home before you take care of your plants.

4. Other Equipment Is Protected

A regular water pump is either running at full blast or is turned off. But sudden bursts of pressure can strain your plumbing over time, causing them to leak or even burst.

A constant pressure system is designed to pump water with just the right pressure. This means the equipment will only run at the settings needed to adequately address the demand for water.

5. Less Space Is Needed

A large water tank is often used to store water that can provide the pressure needed. But this takes up space that could have been used for other things. Constant pressure systems use pumps to do this job instead which means you can use a smaller water tank and free up some space.

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