4 Signs That Indicate You Need a New Water PumpWhen you install a well in your house, you must take the responsibility of ensuring its proper working and water availability. Otherwise, the utility of the well gets wasted. Needless to say, you will experience inconveniences if the pump fails abruptly. So, there are a few signs which you should not neglect, as they may indicate that you need a new water pump. Following are the signs that need to be on your watchlist:

1. No water

Clearly, one of the biggest indications that your water well pump needs to be replaced is you get no water in the house. This problem may arise due to few different causes, which in some cases are easily fixable, and at other times, not. Sometimes there is no water when a fuse is blown or a component is broken. Only a professional can detect this, so seeking such help is necessary. A professional will also tell you whether you need to repair or replace your pump entirely.

2. Decreased water pressure

Decreased water pressure indicates the failing performance of a water pump. This issue occurs due to problems associated with the pressure tank. When the pressure tank is broken, the force of the supply of water well is comparatively lower. Again, this problem can only be diagnosed by a professional.

A low underground water volume also causes a decrease in the water pressure. This pressure can be restored or improved by cleaning the pipes. Here too, an expert would be able to advise whether the problem can be fixed, or a new pump should be installed.

3. Air Spitting

If your air faucet disperses air when it is turned on, immediately call a professional. Air spitting is caused by leaky pipes. When a pipe is leaking, air enters through the leaks and causes air spitting. This is a separate problem that is not generally related to the water pump. However, it most certainly can generate related problems in the future.

Air spitting can also happen due to a fault in the pressure tank. Only a professional can detect the exact problem and therefore, you should call one immediately if you see air spitting in your house.

4. Dirty Water

When the pump begins to extract out dirty water, then there is no other option but to replace it. This problem occurs when the water pump is installed too far from the well and thus, dirt and sand get flown with the pumped water. One also gets dirty water if they have installed a pump larger than required. Again, only an expert will be able to tell you the exact problem and whether or not you will need to replace your pump.

A water pump needs regular maintenance to have a long lifespan. Detection of problems in the early stages resolves the probability of later inconveniences in repair. However, if the problems are recurring one after the other, it is high time that you invest in a new one. Call the Professionals Today!

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