15 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home with a Well in Almont, MIIf you’re looking to purchase properties in Almont, MI, you’re most likely to find homes that have private water wells. In fact, nearly 20 million homes in America primarily source their water from private wells. A good well can offer naturally filtered, safe water to your home when properly maintained.

If you’re looking to buy a new home with a well, we have some tips. Asking the following questions will help you know the status of the well.

1. When was the well drilled? Wells have a lifespan of approximately 30 to 50 years. Knowing when it was drilled will help you know if it’s drying up soon.

2. How deep is the well? In most cases, drilled wells are 100ft deep.

3. What’s the average flow rate? Most wells supply water at a rate of 3 to 5 gallons per minute.

4. How many gallons does the well supply? It’s important to ask this question, especially if you’ll have several occupants in the house. An average American household needs between 100 to 200 gallons a day.

5. Are there restrictions on the usage of groundwater in Almont, MI? Groundwater is usually categorized as a shared resource, which means you’ll need to consult your local water professional or EPA about the restrictions in Almont, MI.

6. What size of land does the property sit on? Homes with wells feature septic tanks for treating wastewater before it’s directed out. You would need the septic tank to be far from the well so that wastewater doesn’t mix with your clean water source. Ideally, the property should sit on more than an acre of land to ensure the septic tank and the well are more than 100ft apart. Extra acreage will be a plus as it offers an area where you can drill another well if needed.

7. What are the components of the water system? Generally, a well is connected to a pump, pipes, and a pressure tank. These are must-have devices that make a well to perform optimally.

8. How old is the pressure tank and the tank? Well’s pumps have an average lifespan of 10 years. If the equipment is old, make sure to factor that when bargaining for a better price, as you’ll incur the cost of replacements soon.

9. When was the last inspection? Pressure tanks require a routine examination to determine if everything is working well. It should be examined for pump cut-in pressure and cut-out pressure.

10. Are there visible corrosions near the pressure tank or pump fittings?

11. Is the well cap on level ground or uphill? If it’s downhill, ensure that natural and artificial contaminants don’t get into the well. You need to make sure that there are no perforations on the wellhead. In addition, ensure the wellhead should be in an area where runoff will less likely to occur.

12. Has the well been in use? It’s important to ask if the well has been in use as an unused well can be prone to contamination.

13. When was water tested last? You need to see maintenance logs to know the status of the water in the well.

14. What’s the quality of the water? Seek the assistance of a local expert to know the components of the water in the well. The water quality exam should reveal radon, minerals, pH, alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, and volatile organic compounds. Ask for the cost of treating water in Almont, MI.

15. Will I need to invest in extra water filtration or treatment systems? Generally, well water has a distinct smell and taste that’s different from municipal water. You need to ask if these systems are in place.

Other questions to ask include:

· Is the casing cracked?

· Is the well’s casing elevated 12 inches higher or sits below the ground?

· Is the well cap vermin-proof?

· Does the depth of well casing meet the codes of your local and state requirements?

It would be best to ask all the above questions to ensure the well meets the standards needed for seamless usage. That’s why it’s crucial to engage a local water expert. If you need a reliable water expert in Almont, MI, call us.

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